NH Tartan Yardage


Interested in making your own wearables from New Hampshire’s official tartan? We offer various fabric weight options. Made at Lochcarron’s of Scotland. Below is a guide to help you choose the best tartan weight and material for your sewing needs.

  • Our 10 oz yardage (59″ width) is a lightweight 100% wool fabric. It has a nice drape and can be used for many types of clothing from skirts to ties. It also works well for pillows and curtains.
  • Our 13 oz yardage (54″ width) is a crisper medium weight,100% wool fabric, which can be used for kilts, trews, and other garments. Also works well for bags and upholstery.
  • Our 16 oz yardage (54″ width) is best for classic and premium kilts. This product is also 100% wool. The 16 oz yardage can be used for other applications, as well.
  • Our Cotton Tartan yardage (60″ wide) is great for home decor such as pillows, placemats and curtains. The cotton tartan material is also great for clothing items.

NHSCOT sells tartan material in whole yard increments only. Please use the quantity selector to choose the number of yards you would like to purchase. For example: Quantity of 2 equals 2 yards of material.

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